I'm a husband, father, singer, musician. I laugh, I cry, I love Jesus.... He loves me more! I'm searching, finding, losing and winning. I'm older, but only good at being young.


Ok, so here’s my intro…

I am a husband, a father and a Christian man with a deep love for Jesus.  For those of you who know me, hopefully those things are apparent.  This blog will attempt to reflect my thoughts and ideas as my journey in life proceeds.  Sometimes I’ll write about my family, maybe an instance around my friends, I may discuss my beliefs and my thoughts on God.  I may share recipies, notes on nuclear physics and maybe even a way to FINALLY get the economy back on track!

Hmmm…   I got some work to do on a few of those!  Well, I hope you’ll come back regularly, I hope you’ll refer this to a friend and I hope that as you “journey” through, you’ll find some common ground with me as we walk together.   Alright then, see ya soon!


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